Process to Recover Hotmail Mail Password

In this article you can find out the solution of frequently occurring queries in Hotmail such as how to recover Hot Mail password? How to recover the forgotten Hot mail password? How To Recover Hot mail password through Mobile Number? Hotmail is a webmail that is hosted by Microsoft Corporation in 1996. Hotmail is one of the oldest webmail service providers in the world; the application is included with advance security features and messaging utilizable applications.

Since its launching time to now, one common interrupting issue in hotmail is related to Hotmail password recovery. It is found out that, seven out of ten users hotmail log-in attempt are failed because of these incorrect password/User id pattern. Now day's almost all the internet subscribers having multiple web accounts and that are protected with different passwords. So there is a chance of occurring confusion between passwords wrongly, Hotmail won’t accept log-in attempt with a wrong password. Then the only way to access back into your account through the integrated step by step process of hotmail password recovery. We sincerely hopping that you found this as a beneficial article to resolve the existing password recovery issue in hotmail.

Step By Step Process Of Recovering Hotmail Password

Outlook password Recovery through Registered Mobile Number

Step 1

Open the Sign-in page of hotmail, hotmail is now changed its name to Live mail and you can access to the hotmail with the URL Your previous webmail is automatically re-directed To Microsoft's, you can still log-in with hotmail's older User Name and Password.

1. Hit enter on the URL
2. Now Click On the link Can't access your account?" (You can find this link under the log-in credential of Hotmail account access)

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Step 2

If you complete the previous step successfully, now you will redirect to a new page that titled as "why are you having trouble signing in?" You can find these three options over there

1. I forgot My password
2. I Know my password, but
3. I think someone else is using my account
4. So if your trouble is related to hotmail password recovery, then hit on the first link (I forgot My password) and then click next.

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Step 3

Now enter the Hotmail account that which you having troubles, also verify the human access by using CAPTCHA verification characters. CAPTCHA verification is mandatory to move into the further steps, somehow if the displayed CAPTCHA is visually found in a non-readable way; then try for a new CAPTCHA by clicking "New" or else verify it by using the "Audio" method. If you complete that process Click On "Next"

Recover An Outlook Password?

Keep In Mind: In case you enter wrong CAPTCHA verification character, you can't move to further process of Hotmail password recovery. So make sure that the verification characters that you entered is accurate. As mentioned earlier, if you receive strange CAPTCHA characters either click on "New" for receiving new CAPTCHA verification character or else Click on the Link "Audio" for receiving new sound code.

Step 4

This is the stage where hotmail verifying the legitimate user of the troubleshooting account. Usually there are two methods of proving the legitimacy of the account; the first process of verification is through registered mobile number. You can see the hints of registered mobile number over there, if that option is not at all found comfortable then click on the below option "I Don" have any of these. Hotmail support team will gives you some other methods that help to confirm the legitimacy of the account.

Recover An Outlook Password?

Methods To Recover The Hotmail password

Registered Mobile Number- Hotmail support team suggested the users to recover their forgotten password through registered mobile number. As compare to other methods, password recovery through the mobile number is easy and secure. If you prefer to recover the Hotmail password through this mode, hot mail will send a verification code to your registered mobile number. Identify the code and enter it in the tab of Hotmail account verification.
After Entering the code Now Click On Next
1. If you entered the verification code accurately, your will receive a new tab where you can reset the Hotmail password

enter your security code

Alternate email Address

Alternate email address is the embedded email address that associated with your primary Hotmail account. This email address would be found as an effective source to retrieve back your account when the users fail to remember the password or user name. If you select this option, hotmail will sends you a verification link to you secondary (Alternate) email address

Click on that verification link that you received in your secondary web mail inbox

enter your security code

If you hit the exact link, your browser tab now re-directed to a new page where you can create new password for your troubleshooting account.

Keep in Mind: In case yours secondary (Alternate) email address is not an hotmail hosted one, there are chances to redirect the hotmail password reset HTTP link to other folders such as spam, social and archive folders.

Hot mail password reset by using an app

Hotmail users also can reset their account by using apps. So, if you downloaded the Microsoft account apps, then you can generate a unique identity to verify your identity. However you must previously set up your account to use this feature

Recovering hotmail password through Security Prompts


1. Select the link I don't have any of these and click next

enter your security code

2. The page now re-directs you to a new tab that titled as Recover Your Microsoft account. Over there fill the basic account verification queries such as First Name, last Name, Date Of birth, country/region and Answer of one security Query. Hot Mail's this survey is to verify the account legitimacy and ensure the secure mailing

enter your security code

enter your security code

3. Once after entering the solution of queries, click on Next. That will re-direct you to a new page where you can configure new outlook account.

That's all the Procedure, Congratulations! You now learned the process of Recovering Hotmail password

Tips Top Create New password

1. Never user a dictionary password, dictionary password means the passwords that are easily identifiable. E.g. admn12345, password12345, system1234. Abcd1234. In usual cases the vulnerability issues in the hotmail are mainly happening because of these types of weak passwords
2. Mix your hotmail passwords with numbers, letters and such unmatchable characters. This makes your password safe and secure. If you don't know how to set a strong password, just go through online password generator web pages, depend on your interest there you can generate strong password. Norton's password generator is one such useful password creation application (
3. Never share your password to anyone, by mistake you shared your password then alter it immediately. Additionally, security experts revealed that "it's better to alter the hot mail password twice in an year"
4. Always access your mail in a device that is protected with an internet security application, this makes your mailing healthier. It is also recommended to clean your device before altering web mail password, why because if your gadget is having the presence of malwares then it crack your passwords. Malwares are commonly called as password pullers that crack your passwords and utilize it in an unauthorized way.

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