How to Reset Gmail password?

This is a general outline about the issues that are ongoing in the Gmail account. The password is the most needed thing to access to the web account, so any issues in the password finally resulted in the bolting of Gmail account so there is best password recovery option that associates with your web account.

Resetting of the password will make your mail stronger, it is recommended to all the mailers that reset the Gmail password twice in a year. The reset links are embedded in the Gmail account settings, where you can get a link to update your Gmail password. Before configuring with the new password, make sure that it is a safe and secure one.

Gmail password can be reset two ways which described below:

Process Resetting Gmail Password Normal way

1. Go the home page Of Gmail (URL -

Gmail Password Recovery

2. It will re-direct you to a new tab that titled as Having trouble signing in?. Scroll Below and click on the option I dont Know my password. On that Pop up tab enter the email address that you having trouble with

Gmail Password Recovery step 2

3. On the Next tab, you can see your verify the profile image, below to that you can find this Enter the last password you remember. However this is not at all mandatory; if you remember the last Gmail password, just add to it- otherwise click on the link I Dont Know. We always recommended the users to click on the link "I Don't Know" (If you fail to remember the password)

Gmail Password Recovery step 3

4. Now on the next page you can see a hint of alternate email address or mobile number (Eg: fil****** 7**-***-***8). We always recommended you to recover the Gmail password through the Mobile Number.

Gmail password Recovery/reset through Mobile Number

Gmail password recovery/reset through mobile number is the Best and easier method, if you select a Mobile Number mode of password recovery, Gmail will sent you a five digit verification code to your registered mobile Number. Verify the code and enter it in the tab of Gmail password reset.
(Select mobile Number password recovery tab>click on continue)
Gmail password Recovery/Reset through Email address

You can see the hint of your alternate Gmail address over there, Select that tab and click on continue

Gmail Password Recovery step 4

If you did correctly, you will get a tab titled like this Email sent to hgt*********

Gmail Password Recovery step 5

5. If you select alternate email, Gmail will send an alternate link to your primary email address. Find that link, On the top of that mail you can see an option like this “To initiate the password reset process for your Google Account, click the link below: Click on the below integrated link

Gmail Password Recovery step 5

6. Over the next tab, you can find an option to reset the Gmail password. For verification, enter your password twice times and now click on change the password. So thats all the procedure of resetting the Gmail password.

Gmail Password Recovery step 6

Make sure that the password that you newly configured is safe and secure; mix the password with numbers letters and various numerical. This will boost the security of the Gmail password.

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