General settings Of Gmail Account-Password

Literarily, Gmail is considered as the best web secured mail. The supporting factors for this web account are many. Most premier the effective features compare to the other web accounts Gmail offers wider features in addition to the better supportive security. This is why millions of users are using Gmail for their day to day life in the form of business, personal and so such. The account settings in the Gmail are sometimes being confused because there is many Gmail settings some are:

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General Setting in Gmail:

- In Gmail gneral settings you can change language, page size, phone number, images, Default reply behavior, Default text style, Conversation View, Email via Google+, Send and Archive, Stars, Desktop Notifications, Keyboard shortcuts, Button labels, My picture, People Widget, Create contacts for auto-complete, Importance signals for ads, Signature, Personal level indicators and Vacation responder so these are general settings in Gmail account. You can learn all about these settings on your gmail account dashborad

gmail account settings

Label Setting in Gmail:

you can setting up label in Gmail account you can find many setting in label are System labels, Categories, Circles and create a new label for your gmail account in the label setting.

Inbox Settings in Gmail:

In this section you can setting up your inbox in Gmail you can easily Categories inbox messages, Importance markers to important emails and filtered email setting in this part.

gmail inbox settings

Accounts and Import Settings:

This is the most important settings in Gmail because in this section you can setting up your gmail account like change account setting where you can change gmail password, change option of gmail password recovery and other google account settings, import mail and contacts from yahoo, hotmail, AOL or other webmail and POP3, Send mail as, Check mail from other accounts (using POP3), Using Gmail for work, Grant access to your account, Add additional storage for Gmail account in this section.

Filter settings:

you can setting up to create filter for your Gmail account

Forwarding and POP/ IMAP Settings in Gmail:

in this section you can setting up forwarding and POP and IMAP settings to for Gmail email account you can set up here POP Download, IMAP Access.

Chat Settings:

you can setting your Gmail chat if you want to On or Off Gmail account chating option.

Gmail offline Settings:

if you want to use Gmail account offline then you can setting up your gmail account offline in this section.

Change Themes in Gmail:

In this setting section you can change or select theme for your Gmail account, choose here color theme, HD theme, custom theme and classic theme for your Gmail account.

So you can easily manage your Gmail account in secure way just setting up your Gmail account in right and secure manner your password, username and account settings to make secure your gmail email account.

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