Forgot Gmail password Recovery

Obviously we can guess that your Gmail have lots of issues, especially in messaging, access and security. On the basis of survey and analysis we are explaining here some frequently found issues and it's most effective solutions.

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I Forgot My Gmail password

Recently, we came to notice that seven out of ten log-in issues in Gmail are directly (or) indirectly related to forget mail password. Gmail allows its mailers to recover the forgotten log-in credential through the alternate ways that through the registered mobile number and secondary email address

Process to Recovery Forgotten Gmail Password

A) Open Gmail .com

B) Now on the bottom middle of that page, you can see the option Need Help?, select that link and see to the next page

C) Over the next page, you can see these three options I dont know my password, I dont know my user name and I am having other problems in Signing in. Among these three, select an option that matching your issue criteria.

D) Now, select the option I dont know my password add your email address over there and click on continue .

E) On next page, you needed to identify the distorted letters (CAPTCHA) in order to prove the human access. Click Continue after entering the CAPTCHA

F) On the next tab, you can see an optional question Enter your last password you remember. If you can remember the last password, enter it (or) else skip that section.

G) The next step is account verification section; opt the mode that you wish to recover the mail password

H) You can recover the password through registered mobile number or else you can use the secondary email address for resolving the issue.

Recovering Forgotten Gmail password through Registered Mobile Number

G) On Gmail account Help section, enter your registered Mobile number and click continue

H) On next page, enter your registered mobile number, you can also see the hint of your registered mobile number above that tab Click on continue after adding the mobile number

J) Now verify the code that received in your mobile number and enter that code again in the Gmail password reset tab.

K) Now again click on continue to configure a new Gmail password.

L) Enter your password multiple times and select the option Reset my mail password. so that is the procedure to reset the Gmail password through Mobile Number

How to Recover Forgot the Gmail password, if the registered mobile number is not working?

If your registered mobile number is lost or else you have not an access with the registered mobile number, then you can choose the secondary email address for resetting the Gmail password Add your secondary email address in the verification tab of Gmail password Recovery Gmail ,will send you a password recovery link to that secondary email address Find out that link in your secondary email inbox and click on it You will then re-direct to the Gmail password recovery page, where you can reset the Gmail password, as the way that we previously explained.

Things To remember

1. Never configure a mail password as resemble to the previously existed one
2. Make sure that the newly added password is strength enough to secure your account
3. You must register a mobile number with your Gmail password, that literarily helps you to recover the mail when you forgot the in credential.
4. Keep alter your mail password thrice in a year, this helps to ensure secure mailing.

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